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The Cotswold is a polled longwool breed that originated from the Cotswold Hills of Gloucestershire, England. One of Britainís largest breeds, the average ram can weigh 300 pounds and the average ewe 185 pounds. Bred for hardiness and thriftiness, Cotswolds have white legs and faces with dark skin on the nose and a pronounced forelock of wool. Known for its high-quality luster fleece (mid-40s Bradford count with a staple length of up to 25 cm or over 9 inches), the Cotswold produces a heavy clip of wool. The fleece is course and hangs in wavy ringlets. An average fleece weighs 9-15 pounds but a shearling ram fleece can weigh over 20 pounds. Cotswold wool is often used for loose-twist worsted spinning and weaving for soft-finishing throws and knitwear. The Cotswold breed offers economy of feeding, longevity, superb mothering instinct, easy lambing, excellent milking ability and exceptional docility. When used for crossbreeding, Cotswolds also contribute rapid growth, lean carcass, prolificacy, low percentage of lambing difficulties as well as an extra 3+ pounds of luster-type wool. For more information, visit www.cotswoldsheep.org.
All of our sheep are on the USDA voluntary SCRAPIE program.
Below are Our Cotswold Sheep.
We no longer have our Cotswold flock, but they are the base of our Wensdale sheep. So their influence is still in our bloodlines.

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Cotswold Ewe

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Cotswold Lambs

Example of Cotswold
Fleeces for sale

Examples of
Cotswold Ewes

Examples of
Cotswold Ewes

Examples of
Cotswold Ewes

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Cotswold Ewe Lambs

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